Garden - Landscape Consultations

  I offer on site consultations to provide clients with information specific to their needs. Topics of expertise range from plant and soil health to site evaluations for current or potential use. I strive to leave my clients with an abundance of information to help lead them towards having a successful garden or landscape.

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Design Service for Gardens and Landscapes

My main objective in providing designs for my clients is to create a place that meets their aesthetic and physical needs. I work to become as familiar as possible with the likes and dislikes of all aspects one may encounter in the natural world in addition to how they interact among them. Though I often get asked 'What would you do if this was your place?', my goal is the exact opposite, to guide my clients through a process resulting in the creation of their 'Place'. During the 'Garden Walk'

 The Design process begins with an initial on-site meeting to discuss the client's objectives and to evaluate the site's potential. Specifics such as intend use, soil and light conditions and measurements are obtained along with numerous pictures to capture as much detail as possible. With this information in hand I sketch a number of scenarios to illustrate different layouts the project may take.

 Our next meeting will take place at Singing Tree Gardens, during which we will 'walk through' the sketches and discuss the pros and cons, in addition to the reasoning behind each scenario. This step is very thought provoking as I explain how different layouts change the way one will feel in and react to the space. This discussion go's deeper during the 'Garden Walk' when we take a close look at plants and their individual characteristic while educating the client on the finer details to consider when planning a new project or renovation. This is my favorite part of the process as it allows me to observe, in addition to question the client on what they are experiencing in the moment. I find these observations allow me to create a design with my clients as much as for them. With an abundance of information taken from the meeting I draw a complete design that includes the aspects decided upon.

With a completed, approved design in hand I continue to work directly with the installer. For contractors, I will work to insure the bid provided is complete and covers all the necessary details to meet my standards and provide the best possible environment for your plants. I visit the site regularly during the process in addition to placing the plants, making any fine tune adjustments for best possible results.

For the owner-installer I provide step by step guidance from site preparation and soil development to planting, drip irrigation and mulching. Professional results are possible for those that have the physical means and desire to learn. 

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